The mitosis and differentiation of a science song article

Back in January I announced the publication of a new article about my song database and noted that another one would appear soon. That additional article, Using Science Songs to Enhance Learning: An Interdisciplinary Approach, is now out as well.

The story of how these articles took shape is an interesting one (to me, anyway).

As I mentioned in the January post, my initial goal last summer was simply to publish an article about the database. Figuring out which journal to submit to was not trivial, however. Most of the explicitly educational songs in the database are aimed at K-12 students, yet I am more familiar with the landscape of college-level teaching and journals aimed at this level. Furthermore, I wanted to submit to an open-access journal so that the article could be easily accessed by all interested readers.

I eventually identified CBE-Life Sciences Education as my tentative target journal, then contacted a member of the editorial board to see whether the journal would consider a database-focused article. The essence of the response was, “No, but we’d be happy to review a more general essay about teaching biology with music.”

I decided to try to give CBE-LSE an article that they would like, but still felt that the database itself was worthy of a separate write-up. What other journal might be interested in something like that? Well, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Education (BAMBED) publishes songs and poems (including my 2005 submission A is for Alanine) alongside educational research studies and innovative lab exercises, so they seemed likely to welcome an article on a searchable database covering these songs and many others.

So that’s how one article divided and differentiated into two.

Happy reading!

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