Linkin’ log (Presidents’ Day weekend edition)

The Best Pop Science Song of All Time and Best Science Song of All Time, Verse 2 (from
“For reasons that are obscure to me, the article triggered a memory of the old Johnny Cash tune, Folsom Prison Blues, which began rolling through my head. (I hear the Higgs a comin’/ It’s rollin’ round the bend / And I ain’t seen the sunshine / Since I don’t know when / I’m stuck in the Hadron C’lider / And time keeps draggin’ on / But that Higgs keeps a rollin’…)”

The Scientist: Prof. Graffin Ph.D. ’03 Performs On-Stage and in the Classroom (from the Cornell Daily Sun)
“In addition to being the frontman of acclaimed punk band Bad Religion, Prof. Graffin Ph.D. ’03, ecology and evolutionary biology, is a lecturer, an author, most recently of the book Anarchy Evolution, and, since last May, the honored namesake of an ancient bird species, Qiliana graffini.”

Anatomy of a Tear-Jerker (from the Wall Street Journal)
“Why does Adele’s ‘Someone Like You’ make everyone cry? Science has found the formula.”

Song remains the same for researcher
“[Jessica] Grahn hopes to answer fundamental questions about human rhythm abilities and behaviours, including how rhythm links to language and how musical training affects other nonmusical abilities. She also hopes to fine-tune precise musical therapies for patients.”

Bye, Meiosis
“It is a sad day in Youtube land. Apparently Universal Music Group decided that ‘Hi, Meiosis’, my parody of Eminem’s ‘My Name Is’ was not kosher.”

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