Makin’ Yak Tracks

Yesterday I had the pleasure of participating in the Yakima Science and Engineering Festival, co-sponsored by the University of Washington’s GEAR UP program and the UW Genome Sciences GEM (Genetics, the Environment, and Me) project. My role yesterday was to man a table about educational science songs (similar to my table at the Pacific Science Center’s Paws-On Science weekend). I was pleased to note that the song database’s search results page was much easier to explain this time around thanks to recent improvements.

My main preparation for the festival consisted mostly of a different challenge, though. GEM director Maureen Munn and I agreed to distribute a CD of biology songs to middle and high school teachers attending the festival, so I identified 17 broadly appealing songs and then wrote to the musicians, asking for their permission to include these songs on the CD. To my delight, all of them agreed! The result was a really nice collection spanning many biological topics and musical styles (track list below).

Many thanks to these musicians for giving us permission to distribute their music in this way.

1. I Need A Little Light — Ross Durand (R. Durand)
2. Adaptation — Mr. Parr (Parr/Anamege/Beresin)
3. Dancing With The Insects — Bungee Jumpin’ Cows (Beals/McMurrin/ Barakos)
4. The Greatest Show on Earth — Symphony of Science (J. Boswell)
5. The Krebs Cycle — Science Groove (L. Jones)
6. Regulatin’ Genes — Derrick Davis, Tom McFadden (T. McFadden)
7. My Molecular Eye — Monty Harper (M. Harper)
8. The Cell Theory Song — Jeramey Tamez (J. Tamez)
9. Somatic Cellular Friends — Elliott Kimmel (Kimmel/Crane/Kauffman/Skloff/Willis/Sōlem/Wilde)
10. Ch. 4: Natural Selection — Genomic Dub Collective (Pallen/White/Darwin)
11. Ethanol From Substrate — Lodge McCammon (L. McCammon)
12. DNA — Baba Brinkman (D. Brinkman)
13. Rhythm Of The Pulse — Scientific Jam (J. Hale)
14. Symbiosis (Parasite) — Mr. Parr (Parr/Berryman/Buckland/Champion/ Martin)
15. Gusano (I Am A Worm) — Bungee Jumpin’ Cows (Beals/McMurrin)
16. Ode To The Brain — Symphony of Science (J. Boswell)
17. Oxidative Phosphorylation — Science Groove (Crowther/Peterson)

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