Marching through the links

Weather Song Tournament. If you thought that all the Weather Channel offered was forecasts, think again!

You may have 99 problems, but with Smart Songs, learning won’t be one (from “Fans of rap and hip-hop have learned dozens upon dozens of questionable life lessons from their favorite artists — but those same artists probably haven’t helped anyone ace a test or learn how to better manage personal finances. Jeff DuJardin and Scott Geer (a.k.a., Shoeless Jeff and Scott Free), the local duo behind Smart Songs, are out to change that.”

“Sexy Results” was inspired, substantive and fun (from the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinal). “Several original songs were written for the night, including “The Experiment” by the band Buffalo, which tells the story of the Higgs Boson, a particle that, if found, would affirm the standard model of physics and explain why all matter has mass. As one person tweeted, something collided with our ear drums when the band IfIHadaHiFi played several particle accelerator-inpspired songs.” Also see Cedar Block’s Solid Results from ThirdCoast Digest.

All Eyes On: Eric Patterson (from the Truman State University Index). “Chemistry professor by day, actor and rocker by night, Eric Patterson enjoys a combination of creativity and logic in his life. Teaching chemistry at Truman State is Patterson’s passion — but he also enjoys exploring the arts, which he does through theatrical performances and involvement in rock bands.”

I want to sing about science! The true story behind SAS&M’s unofficial theme song, written and performed by David Newman.

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