Other science music blogs (yes, they exist)

I don’t know if readers of this blog pay any attention to the sidebar links to other blogs, but you should. There’s some interesting stuff there.

When I first compiled a list of related blogs, I had to give it a title of “Art-Science Blogs” because I wasn’t aware of any others that specifically focused on science music per se. But as it turns out, they’re out there. For example, there’s Nicola Jones’ Songs About Science, which is essentially a continuation of a 30-part series from the Nature News blog. SAS&M friend David Newman has his Science Songbook to tell the stories behind some of his songs. And there’s the Genetic Music Project blog, which archives music written according to DNA sequences.

Finally, there’s the Science Ditty Friday section of RealScience.us. In some ways this is my favorite because it really delves into what all the lyrics actually mean, and what their scientific context is. See, for example, the post Symphony of Science takes on the quantum world.

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