Honors Program Convocation at UC-Davis

Terry Nathan is a UC-Davis professor of atmospheric science who also teaches an art/science fusion course on photography. At the UC-Davis Honors Program Convocation this past Saturday, a class of his students gave a presentation on the question of “Do the Arts Deepen our Understanding of the Sciences?” (This topic shared time with “Wall Street versus Main Street: Is Greed Good or Evil?” and “Insects as Food: Taboo, Curiosity, or Sustainable Diet for the Future?”)

Wendy Silk, who attended the convocation, reports, “The students had an excellent poster and powerpoint presentation reviewing the evidence that art deepens understanding of science. Among other things, they described the correlation between interest and experience in music and achievement in physics.”

Anyone wanting more information about the convocation should contact Prof. Nathan at trnathan@ucdavis.edu.

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