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Spring-to-summer link roundup (Updated)

• From moths to music: Life for PhD biologists isn’t all science (Montana Kaimin) [Keaton Wilson] is a member of The Whizpops, a children’s band that focuses on elementary education and science curriculum as the basis of their lyrics. One … Continue reading

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Quick media roundup

I was pleased to be profiled by my local Fox News affiliate recently, and also by German radio station WDR. But Tom McFadden topped me by getting onto the national ABC News! “We know that the students like technology, they … Continue reading

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Science songster interview #18: Dargan Frierson

Another anecdote supporting the idea that the number of educators teaching science through music is larger than anyone realizes: This spring I was forwarded an email advertising a talk by about educational science songs … to be given at the … Continue reading

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Science songster interview #17: Steve Rush

For years, I’ve been intending to interview Steve Rush, a.k.a. funky49. He’s an anomaly among anomalies: a science music guy who’s not a scientist, science teacher, or full-time musician. Plus he’s super-friendly on Twitter. After one of his recent re-tweets … Continue reading

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My littlest fan

“Dad, when are you going to come to my school to do science music?” asked my 7-year-old. “I don’t know, Phil. I would need to get permission to come, and I haven’t been able to get permission yet. Plus I … Continue reading

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Links: in the news, writing science operas in Norway, etc.

• Colleague Katie Davis just presented our science music video study at the annual meeting of the American Educational Research Association (AERA). This spawned a press release from the University of Washington and a report from local public radio affiliate … Continue reading

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This is not a joke: the “MASSIVE” database is 10 years old

When I tell people that I have a free online database of science, technology, engineering, and math songs, they often think I’m kidding. Last month, I completed my first decade of these incredulity-inducing conversations. Yes, the database initially known as … Continue reading

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Catching up: STEM music in the news

• And the Winner for Best Science Parody is… (BioTechniques) James Clarke of King’s College London is this year’s Lab Grammy champion for his video “The Tale of a Post Doc”! • Singer Charlotte Church says physics rocks her universe … Continue reading

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Dance of the Biomek FX

My lab works in part on high-throughput screening (HTS) of small-molecule libraries. Here is my low-budget tribute to the high-tech machines that facilitate this work.

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The first-ever Sing About Science podcast!

Fundamentally, music is an auditory channel of information, so podcasting about music is a logical thing to do. I have no special expertise in audio recording or producing, so I’ve been slow to attempt this, but today I present a … Continue reading

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