Links: in the news, writing science operas in Norway, etc.

• Colleague Katie Davis just presented our science music video study at the annual meeting of the American Educational Research Association (AERA). This spawned a press release from the University of Washington and a report from local public radio affiliate KPLU.

• Oded Ben-Horin of The Science Fair is co-organizing a Write A Science Opera (WASO) course to be held August 3-9 in Norway. It targets middle-school science teachers! For details, please consult the WASO flyer.

• Speaking of middle school science, the Honeywell- and NASA-sponsored musical physics program FMA Live! Forces in Motion is now 10 years old. The Pensacola News-Journal has a report.

• Violinist Mark Wood warmed up for a performance at Reynolds High School in Winston-Salem by contributing to a lesson in the physics of sound.

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