Catching up: STEM music in the news

And the Winner for Best Science Parody is… (BioTechniques)

James Clarke of King’s College London is this year’s Lab Grammy champion for his video “The Tale of a Post Doc”!

Singer Charlotte Church says physics rocks her universe (New Scientist)

The song Entanglement came about after a house party in south London. A friend’s friend is doing a master’s in something physics-related. One of his specialities is entanglement theory. He started talking about it and I just thought it was incredible.

Bringing mathematics to the community (University of Western Ontario)

Led by [Western University education professor George] Gadanidis, the Math Performance Centre … seeks to promote and support the celebration of mathematics through the arts.

Vocalist Gia Mora returns to Bethesda with an updated ‘Einstein’s Girl’ (

“There’s the Big Bang Theory [about the origin of the universe] … where everything collides and explodes,” [Mora] said. Cosmic dust coalesces into planets, and things start to settle down a little, much like falling in love and entering into a relationship over time. “I dived into it and thought, ‘This metaphor could really work.’”

Verbal Bling, Homicide, and Afrocentricity (Huffington Post)

Baba Brinkman writes: “When I was commissioned to write The Rap Guide to Evolution and challenged to communicate the key ideas behind Darwin’s theory in hip-hop form, my first thought was to go through my record collection and see if I could find any rap songs that already center around evolutionary themes. The three that seemed like the best candidates were ‘I’m a African’ by Dead Prez, ‘Survival of the Fittest’ by Mobb Deep, and ‘Hypnotize’ by Biggie Smalls. So I set myself the challenge of rewriting these songs to make them explicitly instead of just implicitly evolutionary.”

Saline native nominated for Grammy (Daily Register)

Rocky Alvey who grew up near Muddy and is now the director of Vanderbilt University’s Dyer Observatory co-wrote an album that was nominated for a Grammy Award. Alvey, who combined his lifelong passion for astronomy with his musical writing and singing skills, teamed up with two prominent female singer/songwriters to produce their album, “The Mighty Sky.”

RSM curator relishes his two loves: ecology and music (Leader-Post)

For some songwriters, combining music with social and environmental activism is a natural fit. But that isn’t the case for Glenn Sutter, a Regina-based folk recording artist and a strong proponent of environmental sustainability. “I’m very sensitive to not be preaching with music. For me, it’s a personal exploration and a creative outlet, for sure,” said Sutter, curator of human ecology at the Royal Saskatchewan Museum.

Mississippi children learn with blues curriculum (Register-Guard)

Chevonne Dixon is one of the first teachers in the state to incorporate the blues into science, math, social studies and English lessons. So far this school year, the 9- and 10-year-olds in her class have written blues songs about the weather. They’ve composed short ditties about the travails of being a kid. And they’ve read classic blues lyrics to learn the challenges of growing cotton. “It makes them recall information, especially with that slow, melodic sound,” said Dixon.

Cedar Creek Middle School makes math fun (

With the opening lines to their song, Cedar Creek Middle School eighth-graders Grace Becknal, Isabel Arevalo, Ariana Alvarado and Jorge Meza explained how to find the rate of a change — or the slope — of a line.

Beastie Boys’ ‘Girls’ Transformed Into Girl Power Anthem (

One of the Beastie Boys’ earliest and most famously misogynistic hits has been retooled by upstart toy company Goldieblox into a girl power anthem that encourages young girls to have fun with science and engineering.

MWV #81 – Sheldon Campbell – The Singing Microbiologist (Microbe World Video)

Dr. Campbell teaches microbiology at Yale School of Medicine and he uses music to enhance his lectures. He has one song for every block of lectures he gives on a major topic.

Genius student hides Rick Astley song lyrics in quantum physics essay (

One inspired student took the art of ‘rickrolling’ to another level by inserting the chorus from the singer’s hit song, Never Gonna Give You Up, into an essay.

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