“Science Worth Singing About” in NSTA Reports

The October 2013 issue of NSTA Reports (a publication of the National Science Teachers Association) includes a nice look at science music in the classroom on pages 8 and 9. It includes quotes from me, elementary school teacher Jeromie Heath (Pine Tree Elementary School, Kent, WA), curriculum consultant Lodge McCammon (North Carolina State U.), and chemistry grad student Olisa Menakaya (Tennessee State U.).

Your colleagues might also want to use your songs. “Many music teachers will be happy to incorporate science songs during music if you just ask,” Heath notes. “The same goes for [physical education] teachers: some play music during their activities in the gym… You can also ask your principal [if] your class [could] present a science song at an assembly.”

Other recent articles and posts of possible interest:

Bluford STEM Academy Shows School Pride Through Song (WFMY News). “The school took Robin Thicke’s song ‘Blurred Lines’ and changed the lyrics to positive words that are associated with their core subjects.”

Bohemian Gravity: Canadian grad student uses music to explain string theory (CTV News). “Rocking out to his own rendition of the hit song ‘Bohemian Rhapsody,’ a Canadian physics student’s online music video explaining the concept of string theory has attracted the attention of Queen guitarist Brian May, who happens to hold a PhD in astrophysics.” Additional coverage: CNET.com; BBC America.

Edible Opera: Artists Turn Music into an Algae Meal (LiveScience.com). “The artists designed a special, futuristic suit that collects the carbon dioxide exhaled as Ashcroft is singing. This carbon dioxide feeds algae, which grows during the performances and is later prepared and served.”

Hip Hop Classroom To Boost Science Education (WNEP). “‘You learn all the things about force, mass and acceleration and it’s really fun show to watch because it’s not boring and you have fun watching it,’ said student Carly Hoak.” (Thanks to Monty Harper for this one!)

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  1. Andora Hedrick says:

    I think it is great that the students are finding ways to learn information in new ways. Music is a big part of kids life today so it is great that teachers can incorporate it into their learning.

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