A brief history of crowdfunded science music

As competition for traditional funding streams continues to be fierce, more people are becoming curious about crowdfunding as a possible source of support.

Below is a starter list of crowdfunding campaigns that specifically fall into the realm of science music. Please let me know if I’m missing any!

1. Songs From The Science Frontier. Applicant: Monty Harper. Portal: Kickstarter.com. Dates: July 8 to August 22, 2010. Purpose: to finance recording of an album of science songs for kids 8 to 12. Fundraising goal: $9,000. Amount raised: $9,197.

2. The Rap Guide to Evolution – Educational DVD. Applicant: Baba Brinkman. Portal: Crowfunder.co.uk. Dates: December 2010 to January 2011. Purpose: to add post-production enhancements to videos for songs from the Rap Guide to Evolution. Fundraising goal: £10,000. Amount raised: £12,588.

3. Sing About Science & Math. Applicant: Greg Crowther. Portal: SciFundChallenge.org/RocketHub.com. Dates: May 1-31, 2012. Purpose: to support further alignment of SingAboutScience.org with teachers’ needs. Fundraising goal: $3,000. Amount raised: $611.

4. An Album All About Science! “Terra Lumina”. Applicants: John Boswell and Will Crowley. Portal: Kickstarter.com. Dates: July 16 to August 15, 2012. Purpose: to underwrite production of songs about “the most awe-inspiring scientific ideas.” Fundraising goal: $10,000. Amount raised: $23,241.

5. Music Can Move Us. Applicant: Lodge McCammon. Portal: indiegogo.com. Dates: November-December, 2012. Purpose: to support creation of freely accessible songs and movement videos on nutrition and healthy habits for kids aged 4-6. Fundraising goal: $12,000. Amount raised: ongoing.

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