More from the NIMBioS Songwriter-in-Residence program

Catherine Crawley of the National Institute for Mathematical and Biological Synthesis (NIMBioS) reports several items of interest:

• A paper by herself and Pamela Bishop about the NIMBioS Songwriter-in-Residence program was published earlier this year in a volume of conference proceedings. The full citation is: Crawley CE, Bishop PR. 2012. Communicating science through music: A case study from mathematics and biology. Quality, Honesty and Beauty in Science and Technology Communications. Public Communication of Science and Technology 2012. Bucchi M, Trench B (Eds.). Observa Science in Society Publisher, 288-290. ISBN: 978-88-904514-9-2. Link to online book (slow to load):

• Also available online is the full survey of NIMBios employees on which the paper was based.

• Baba Brinkman, the latest Songwriter-in-Residence to come to NIMBioS, has just released The Infomatic EP, which includes songs inspired by his visit.

Stay tuned for an upcoming interview with Baba!

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