Missing links

…Missing from this blog until now, that is. Time for another catch-up post!

And the winner is… Tom McFadden’s wrap-up of New Zealand’s Science Idol contest.

Banana Slug String Band interviewed by Rose Kaya. Ms. Kaya is a middle schooler. The members of the BSSB, as veteran eco-troubadours, are considerably older.

Chemistry you can dance to. Students of UCLA professor Neil Garg continue to churn out chemistry-themed song parodies.

10 Cool, Smart & Geeky Science Songs (LIST). Some of these are more scientific than others….

Explain the flame: Quantum physicist who went to Truman High wins science challenge. Music was a key part of his triumphant video.

Minocqua Math Students Spoof LMFAO Music Video. “Teacher Bjorn Hanson says the project has taught students more than he imagined.”

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