Science Song(s) of the Week #56: the Higgs Boson

On July 4th, physicists at CERN announced that they had found the Higgs Boson. While this breakthrough will surely spawn a cornucopia of new Higgs-related music, there are several fine Higgs-related songs already in existence.

Most people reading this blog will have heard the Large Hadron Rap, one of YouTube’s most popular science songs ever. It was featured on NPR Science Friday this past week.

Less familiar, but also charming in its own way, is Song-A-Day guy Jonathan Mann’s The Large Hadron Collider Still Doesn’t Work. It’s arguably useful as a reminder that discovery of the Higgs Boson was not inevitable and was delayed by the sorts of technical glitches that can derail any research project, large or small.

As a theoretical exercise, Steve Clausnitzer’s Higgs Boson song is one of my favorites. As Steve says, “This is the song that I suppose Peter Higgs would write if it were proven that the Higgs doesn’t exist.”

Professor Karmadillo celebrated the recent CERN press conference by giving away his song “ConCERNing Higgs” as an MP3.

Not available online, but available on her classic CD Cosmic Cabaret, is a funny Higgs interlude by Lynda Williams, the Physics Chanteuse.

If you think about it, the public isn’t so far off from the interests of high-energy physics…. We’re wondering, “How did the universe get mass?” And the public is worrying and spending billions of dollars trying to figure out how they got so fat. So if we could just couch it in a different way — as “how did the universe get so fat?” — then the bucks would be rolling in! Instead of calling it the Superconducting Supercollider, they could have called it the Super Fat Cruncher….

And then there’s Particle Business by funky49, a.k.a. Rapbassador, a.k.a. Steven Rush, which poses the memorable question: “Where the Higgs at? Where the Higgs at? Where the Higgs at?” (This is available as a ringtone, by the way.)

Where the Higgs at? Now we know.

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