Nobel Laureate uses music to explain ribosomes

Venkatraman (“Venki”) Ramakrishnan, a 2009 Nobel Laureate in chemistry for his work elucidating the structure of ribosomes, was a featured speaker at the Indian Institute of Technology-Bombay’s 2012 Tech Fest. As reported by

In a presentation of his research on Saturday, as part of the lecture series at IIT-Bombay, Ramakrishnan showed a film made by his students on the ribosome structure and mechanism with popular western songs playing in the background.

The film, showing the ribosome, the roles of the tRNA and mRNA, began with a song Should I Stay or Should I Go by Maxx.

“My students felt that the subject is very technical and complex to understand and thus this film would make it easier. The song Should I Stay or Should I Go in the background refers to the detaching of the tRNA,” said Sir Ramakrishnan. The song Into The Groove by Madonna referred to how the 3-D structures fit in like a jigsaw puzzle and detach. The film had lines from at least 5 songs playing in the background. It ended with British rock band Queen’s We Are The Champions.

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  1. notnicolajames says:

    Hey, maybe you like my science-husband’s collection of songs about science (some of them by scientists):
    Many greetings from a political scientist :)

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