STEM songs: not just child’s play

When I got the opportunity to fill a UW-Bothell display case with materials relating to educational music, I knew I would need some artistic help … so I enlisted my 8-year-old son.

We were both pleased with the end product, and had fun creating it together. It wasn’t just fun, though; it felt like a genuine collaboration. Phil asked LOTS of pertinent questions about my preferences; for example, “Should each student have their own desk, or should they share big desks?” Moreover, he demonstrated genuine technical skill. That speaker next to the singing teacher is his design, as is the computer on the teacher’s desk (hard to see, but elegantly simple) and the Lego-font N’s (which replaced my inferior ones).

As I said on, I would not hesitate to hire him again.

overall display

Legos close-up

classroom close-up

a conceptual model of how music might aid learning

student-written songs

the critics

example of ongoing research

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  2. Barb Johnson says:

    Good analysis of how music aids learning.

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