Links: art/science conference, LinkedIn group, Hadron Big Bangers, students of Garg

Planning Meeting July 26-28, 2013
Hosted by the Symbiosis Art-Science Alliance at Warren Wilson College. (Hat tip to Jeremy Fox of Dynamic Ecology.)

Teaching Kids Science
A discussion group hosted by the Banana Slug String Band! Music-related discussion threads have included “Should junior secondary school students be referred to YouTube videos as part of science lesson learning activities?” and “What has been the best way (or one of the best ways) you’ve found to start off a science lesson? How do you ‘hook’ the kids?”

The Hadron Big Bangers: When Physics and Music Collide (Newtown Bee)
“…A strong fascination with the scientific world inspired the CD and band name. ‘What could possibly be more interesting than the reality behind everything? Not made up stories, not myths, but the actual facts: the truth of creation?’ asked Mr Rabinowitz.”

Sweet Dreams (Are Made of Chemistry)
Neil Garg’s organic chemistry students at UCLA have done it again.

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