Links: ancient physics prof, another crowdfunding campaign, TMBG on astronomy

Haverford Professor Sings Basics of Physics (Philadelphia Inquirer). The print version of this article said, “In what may not be his most important contribution to the study of physics, the 53- (See Physics on B8)” and then, after the jump, “(Physics Continued from B1) 53-year-old professor has formulated a kind of Schoolhouse Rock for the particle-theory set.” That would make Dr. Smith 5353 years old. No wonder he knows so many physics songs!

Science Notes Web App. An ongoing crowdfunding campaign to create a web app with science music streaming on demand while lyrics display simultaneously.

They Might Be Science: Astronomy Songs (Part II). A nice explanation of how a pair of They Might Be Giants songs (“Why does the sun shine” and “Why does the sun really shine”) illustrates the scientific research process.

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