Earthtones: the musical

Since 2008, Professor Wendy Silk of UC-Davis has taught “Earth, Water, Science, & Song,” an interdisciplinary elective course in which students create songs about environmental science. A 2010 article in the California Aggie provides further context, but the course may best be experienced via a webcast of “Earthtones,” the 2013 students’ end-of-quarter show. Tune in for the songs “The Ascent of San Joaquin,” “A Better Way to Study,” “Soilent Green,” “Do You Stink?”, “Life of the Rhizobium,” “Carbon is All Around,” “River Underground,” “Eutrophication,” “Drink It or Die,” “Da Water Flo for Sho,” “Water Around Us,” “The Dance of Water and Soil,” and “You Are the Light of My Life,” plus closing remarks by Diane Ullman, co-director of the UC-Davis Art-Science Fusion program.

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