Links: 2 Pi, 20 Benefits, and 5-Line Poems

2 Pi: Rhymes and Radii. From NPR. “…As 2 Pi the rapping math teacher, Scott makes learning math cool, while also developing a connection with his students. ‘Students are bored so quickly,’ Scott tells NPR’s David Greene. ‘You know, the videos that they watch — they see one person on the screen for more than five seconds, and they’re like, I’m tired of this guy already, you know? So I think that I gotta jump around [and] include commercials in there…'”

GITC FaceBook Friends Make a Difference! From Includes a thought-provoking list of the top 20 supposed academic benefits of studying vocal and/or instrumental music.

OSU professor Teaches Biochemistry with Limericks and Song. From “[Kevin] Ahern, a biochemistry instructor and director of undergraduate research at Oregon State University, doesn’t consider it disruptive to break out in song during class. On the contrary, the songs become the subject matter on Tuesdays, when he teaches the class ‘Sing a Song of Science’ to a dozen honors students.”

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