Milestones and other links

Physics doo-wop group’s last stand. An account of the final performance of Les Horribles Cernettes, the first band on the web, which came at the Hadronic Music Festival on July 21.

Kickstarter project: an album all about science! John Boswell (of “Symphony of Science”) and Will Hudson have already raised nearly $15,000!

Mr. Parr’s YouTube channel. In March 2011 Chris Parr, a 6th-grade teacher in New Jersey, uploaded his first science song parody, a “Drops of Jupiter” takeoff called “Drops of Atmosphere.” Last month he hit 100 songs! Now he’s at 108 and counting….

DEN Dr. Lodge Video Challenge. I just found out about this cool K-12 kinesthetic music video contest, which ended in May.

This is a love song: the physics of music and the music of physics. In which a physicist lovingly describes his opera-singer wife as a “17cm-long quarter-wavelength resonator.”

Physicist by day, soul man by night. Guitarist Charlie Wayne and physics guy Dan Hooper are the same person!

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