Crowdfunding for science songs?!

As our About Us page says, a portion of a small National Science Foundation grant has been invested in the development of this website. Now that the grant is expiring, further development of the site is uncertain.

Among other possible means of support, one promising option is that of crowdfunding. In essence, projects are proposed directly to the general public rather than to a particular funding agency; anyone who wants to support a project may do so, and supporters are often rewarded for their contributions with small gifts (analogous to NPR tote bags, for example).

There is at least one precedent for crowdfunding of science music. Monty Harper financed production of his Songs From The Science Frontier album via a Kickstarter campaign in 2010.

I’m no expert on fundraising, either from “crowds” or from targeted individuals, but I’ve entered a proposal into Round 2 of the SciFund Challenge. In short, I propose (1) to systematically collect extensive feedback on from teachers and (2) to use that feedback to guide additional improvements to the website. You can check out my proposal, and even make a contribution if so inclined, at The fundraising window is open from May 1 to May 31.

My proposal is the only SciFund Challenge one focused on music per se, but a few others concern analyses of sound: The Lakes Are Alive With The Sound Of Data, Fish Sounds Of The Amazon River, and Plants Can Talk – With Help From Technology. Other education-focused projects include STEMulate Learning Using Personalized Robots and Recipe For Scientists.

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