Readers: can you help identify this lost song about Pluto?

UPenn librarian Mike Williams writes:

A few weeks back I overheard a song in a thrift shop about Pluto (written back when it was a planet). The music sounded very 60s or perhaps even 70s, slightly vocal-jazzy, with a group of mixed male and female voices singing how “through the telescope [we searched]” for Pluto, to whom they said “you were the last to be found”. The clerk couldn’t identify the song name or the artist for me. I thought it might be on one of the “Singing Science” records, but failed to locate it.

I’m pretty sure this song was pre-1980s. It just had “that sound” to it. There may have been the slight hiss of analog recording, but those sort of mixed choral pop songs seemed to be out of fashion by the 80s. (Because, we all know that science is always in fashion!) It was not a cappella, to my recollection, but rather had some “light music” in the background.

Does anyone out there know this song? Anyone at all?

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  1. Mike Williams says:

    Close to two years later, I discovered the answer to my own question. The song is “P is for Pluto” on the album “The Space Alphabet“(1972). You can listen to the full album on that article author’s SoundCloud account. Thanks!

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