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Richard Alley to receive first annual Stephen Schneider Award for Outstanding Climate Science Communication.

Regarding Dr. Alley’s communication prowess, juror Bud Ward recalled a Congressional hearing where Dr. Alley used his bald head to illustrate ice age cycles. “It was a moment of Schneider-like brilliance,” Ward said, noting that Dr. Alley also recorded several YouTube videos explaining scientific principles while strumming guitar to a Johnny Cash song and playing piano to a Billy Joel tune.

The Birds, The Bees & Beats: Hip Hop Seminar on Sexual Selection.

This won’t be like any science class you’ve ever had. Each week students (and I) will be reading, summarizing and analyzing research papers about animal behavior and evolution with a little twist. Students will be challenged to explore and scour hip hop song lyrics for examples of sexual selection concepts at play.

Bob Dorough of ‘Schoolhouse Rock!’ fame still performing around region, world.

Dorough said people will still sometimes approach him at performances and ask him why his voice sounds so familiar. When word gets out he’s the man who wrote “Lolly Lolly Lolly Get Your Adverbs Here” and other songs, he usually gets a few “Schoolhouse Rock!” requests. He enjoys it for the most part, but he admitted it can be distracting when people request songs about pronouns when he’s at a jazz club.

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