Musical science links du jour

10 Scientist Rock Stars. Brian May, Greg Graffin, Milo Aukerman, Brian Cox, Dan Snaith, Tom Scholz, Mira Aroyo, Diane Nalini de Kerckhov, Art Garfunkel, and Dexter Holland.

Q&A: Caribou’s Dan Snaith. “It’s a theme in popular culture that maths and music are connected in some way. I’ve had interviews where I tell people, ‘no, there’s no maths in my music, I’m not using some secret formula’. And inevitably the very next question is ‘no, really — what’s the formula?'”

The sound of James Webb, music’s next big star. “The professor and director of the SARA Observatory has been a member of the FIU faculty since 1991. He understands the power of music as a teaching tool.”

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