The periodicity of the “Science Song of the Week”

It has been an interesting journey to create this blog without an exact purpose in mind, then watch it evolve.

In the beginning there were no recurring themes or features besides the fact that this would be a blog about science music. Then we introduced the Science Song of the Week (SSotW), which at first was selected somewhat randomly and then (since December 2010) selected according to its relevance to a recent news story about science. This joining of songs and stories is an appealing idea and sometimes works quite well, but at other times the song/story linkage is tenuous because a “right-on-the-money” song doesn’t exist or can’t be found.

To spare readers from additional tenuous linkages, and to spare myself the difficulty of finding an appropriate song where none exists, I am instituting a new policy by which there will not necessarily be a Science Song of the Week every week. If I find a news story that works well with a song, I’ll do a post; if I don’t, I won’t. Fair enough?

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