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Thanks to Theresa Britschgi of Seattle Biomed and Linda Martin-Morris of UW for sharing some of these.

National Science Foundation Slowly Turning STEM to STEAM. “In their Innovation study The Conference Board asked, ‘Are Educators and Executives Aligned on the Creative Readiness of the U.S. Workforce?’ Only now, months and years later, The Conference Boards’ poignant question is being answered. And the answer is yes. Harvey White, co-founder of Qualcomm and Keynote speaker at the Chicago (and the upcoming San Diego) conference says this a ‘national emergency.’ Total reform of the current educational curriculum with a marriage of the arts and sciences must happen.”

Song division: American Idol used in math course. “Running for its third straight year as part of Cyr’s classroom curriculum, American Idol Math attempts to help kids engage and get excited about one of the more treacherous parts of fourth grade math — long division, where one number is divided by another using a long series of steps. In the game, students in groups of four watch performances from American Idol contestants, rate their performances on a scale of zero to 100, add Cyr’s score and determine the average score for their group. The six groups then use class votes to explore math concepts such as minimum, maximum, median and more. Once all performers and their performances are graded, the classwide averages are calculated using another round of long division to see which contestants did the best and which did the worst.”

The MusiCares® and GRAMMY Foundation’s® Teen Substance Abuse Awareness through Music Contest in Collaboration with the National Institute on Drug Abuse. “Participants will submit their creative Music Video OR original Music/Lyrics composition that celebrate healthy and creative living or music that accurately portrays the dangers of drug abuse.”

Making educational songs with kids: San Francisco SLANT teacher’s workshop. “I’ve made a lot of songs about science over the past few years, with students and for students of all ages. Maureen Sullivan of SLANT (Science Literature & Art Integration, a program of the San Francisco Unified School District) invited me to make a video sharing some of the things I’ve learned about making songs with kids. This is what I threw together.”

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