VOICES III: the beat goes on…

Someday I (Greg) will get around to reviving or dismantling this website. In the meantime, here is your kind-of-annual reminder about the VOICES conference (which I am no longer chairing, but continue to recommend):

  • It is 100% online, so everyone can attend!
  • Its dates (Sept. 22-23) include a Sunday and a Monday, the hope being that even people with inflexible work schedules will be able to tune in on one of those days.
  • For the third year in a row, an excellent keynote speaker has been recruited. After having heard from Lynda Williams (the Physics Chanteuse) in 2017 and Tom McFadden (of Science with Tom) in 2018, this year we welcome Dr. Edmund Adjapong, whose distinctions include co-founding the Science Genius programs across North America!
  • Presentation proposals are due July 24! Time to get writing!

If the idea of writing a presentation proposal is scary, well, it shouldn’t be — at least not in this case. VOICES welcomes diverse perspectives on using music to teach non-musical content. Past presentations have covered topics such as….

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