VOICES 2018 program revealed!

We are about five weeks away from the STEM music event of the year! That’s right — VOICES (Virtual Ongoing Interdisciplinary Collaborations on Educating with Song) will be having its 2nd all-online conference on Wednesday, September 26th. The 2018 program has just been posted; it includes some repeat presenters from the 2017 conference (link goes to the freely available 2017 archives) as well as many new faces. I am especially looking forward to the keynote workshop led by Tom McFadden of ScienceWithTom.com. A recent example of Tom’s work with his middle-school students is embedded below. I happily paid the $10 registration fee — will you?

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  1. Robert is talking about people interacting via chat to the broadcast. Have you ever seen those old live TV programs where people watching are calling by phone and are live with the presenter? Typically quiz shows. Or live contests broadcasted by the TV, and the Presenter “opens and “closes the voting windows on a website or a phone center. In our case, a broadcast of a conference, with a Q&A session: people in the auditorium is asking questions raising their hands and receiving a mike, people watching in live streaming are sending questions via chat. 30 seconds delay is disruptive: the speaker is receiving questions about items discussed 30 seconds ago, and the answer arrives another 30 seconds later Moreover, when you ask:Any other questions? you have to have the entire auditiorium waiting silently for 30 seconds to be sure even people watching have no more questions.. imagine 200 people silent in an auditorium. This is a real issue. We gave up with Ustream, even though they were free, because their delay increased with the time, reaching quite two minutes after a 5 hour conference. Dacast HTML5 is currently remaining under 30 secs, but I wouldn”t recommend it for critical conferences. Old Dacast Flash rtmp was below 10 seconds

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