“Which STEM musicals are real?” contest results

We recently held a little contest: identify the real musical(s) among five listed (“Bring Down Da Noise, Bring Up Da Signal”; “Fermat’s Last Tango”; “Hedwig And The Angry Centimeter”; “Les Phys”; and “Stats”).

The winner of the contest is Mary Williams (@PlantTeaching), who correctly identified “Fermat’s Last Tango” and “Les Phys” as the real musicals. The former was loosely based on Andrew Wiles’ quest to prove Fermat’s Last Theorem; the latter was created by Peter Dong, now a high school science teacher, as his undergraduate thesis.

The other three titles were based on real plays (“Bring In Da Noise, Bring In Da Funk”; “Hedwig And The Angry Inch”; “Cats”) but, to our knowledge, do not actually exist.

Congratulations, Mary! You will receive a free t-shirt once the shirts themselves exist.

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