Links for April 22, 2013

The Amygdaloids’ second annual Heavy Mental Variety Show (May 18). “The Amygdaloids will play several suites of our original songs on mind/brain topics: the mind-body problem, memory, emotion, unconscious processes, and mental disorders. Each suite will be preceded by a short (3 min) lecture on the scientific or philosophical foundations of the topic by Neuroscientist and Amygdaloid, Joseph LeDoux.”

PODCAST: The Annual Physics Sing-Along. “The Physics Sing-Along [is] an event hosted by Walter Smith, who is a professor of physics at Haverford College. Smith and his wife, Marian McKenzie, started writing physics songs that Smith could use as a teaching tool in his undergraduate classes, but 8 years ago he decided to start the sing-along as a social activity at the meeting. The result is one of the most awesomely nerdy things I’ve ever seen.”

UF professor writes song on benefits of learning chemistry. “University of Florida professor Charles R. ‘Chuck’ Martin loves teaching chemistry and loves performing music. So he decided to combine the two into a song he penned called ‘Bonds of Life.'”

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