Another option for teachers who are curious about this science/music thing

Although my last post mentioned’s new music video-based quizzes, I’m writing again to emphasize one aspect of this that really excites me.

I’ll start by admitting that the quizzes posted so far are not that special in and of themselves. They consist of four multiple-choice questions plus a bonus question. They cover basic factual information presented in the videos, and do not require students to think deeply about the material. But they do provide a quick, convenient way of assessing whether a given video improves a given class’s knowledge.

I see great potential here for collaborations with teachers. Let’s say you are a teacher with a favorite music video that seems to align with your learning objectives, but you don’t know whether your students actually absorb anything from the video. We can do a little experiment to find out, plugging your video and questions into my online interface (which can be adapted to specific teachers’ needs) and seeing whether/how students’ answers change after watching the video.

If you are interested in trying something like this, please let me know! Email ( remains the best way to reach me.

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