Improved (?) display of database search results

Whenever Facebook modifies its user interface, initial feedback seems to be overwhelmingly negative. People are up in arms, complaining that the new display is confusing, counterintuitive, and generally much, much worse than the old one. They threaten to migrate to Twitter or Google Plus or whatever. And then, over time, people get used to the new format, ultimately singing its praises when the next set of hotly protested changes is introduced.

All of this is to say that SAS&M has made a few modifications to the way that song search results are displayed. We don’t think your lives will be greatly disrupted, and if you do dislike the changes, you’ll probably change your mind eventually. But feel free to challenge our pachyderm-like skin with frank feedback. We have not tested the changes on all possible browsers, so if things look askew in yours, let us know.

Previously, SAS&M database search results pages had kind of a late-’90s charm. Results were laid out as a traditional HTML table, and no attempt was made to hide this. Cells had prominent horizontal and vertical borders and contained lots of unstyled text.

The new results layout is intended to have greater visual appeal and clarity. We are trying the now-common format of alternating rows of light gray and white. Borders between cells are less prominent. Also, links to song lyrics, music, and purchasing information have been consolidated into a single “Links” column with buttons for each type of link (when available). If you mouse over a link to a full-length song, you’ll see the song format (MP3, YouTube video, streaming, etc.).

OK — let the bellyaching begin! :-)

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