A sleighful of links

Will.i.am Pushes Science Education During Rover Launch. “As part of the initiative, will.i.am announced the release of his new song ‘Reach for the Stars’ which will be available in fall 2012 after the rover lands on Mars. The song will feature a children’s choir and a 25-piece orchestra.”

At Harvard and MIT, The Genius meets the geniuses. “GZA – a.k.a. Gary Grice, founding member of the Wu-Tang Clan – is known for an omnivorous intellect… He wanted to drop some science. Specifically, oceanography. And biology. And quantum physics. So he went on a three-day tour, meeting scientists around Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and learning.”

Math Songs “Math and music are very similar in that everybody has their preference. I’m not a fan of calculus. And I’m not a fan of rap music.”

Podcast Episode 1: “My Molecular Eye.” “Dr. Wouter Hoff shares his research into how bacteria sense light, with kid host Liza, featuring the song ‘My Molecular Eye.'”

Elementary POP! Gets Kids Singing With $10,000 Video Singing Contest for Elementary School Students Grades K-3. “According to music reviewer Shaday Stewart, ‘Composer Richard Snee delivers eight tracks of high-powered children’s pop songs that delight the ears with upbeat melodies as educational lyrics stimulate the mind.'”

Cancer Queens to bring silly, informative songs to Dickson. “Yes, they sing about pap smears.”

Bobby McFerrin’s “Don’t Worry, Be Happy”: A Neuropsychology Reading. “More than a mere feel-good tune, the iconic song is brimming with neuroscience and psychology insights on happiness.”

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  1. Wendy Silk says:

    As a biologist I’d like to point out the importance of reality checks (data!). Positive thinking on its own cannot cure cancer or solve the sub-prime mortgage crisis. Let’s admit an element of tongue-in-cheekiness to “Don’t Worry Be Happy,” and its “scientific” endorsement.

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