Bjork’s Biophilia buzz

Biophilia, the latest album from Icelandic recording artist Bjork, was released on October 11 after months of anticipation. This collection of tunes and corresponding iPad apps is perhaps the most noteworthy science-related release from a mainstream musical act since They Might Be Giants released Here Comes Science in 2009, and it’s been getting plenty of media coverage. Some examples:
* First Listen: Bjork, ‘Biophilia’ (NPR)
* Bjork’s ‘Biophilia’ takes music to the app world (CNN)
* In Biophilia, Bjork realizes a synesthete’s dream (Scientific American)
* Bjork’s ‘Biophilia’ Apps: Is This The Model For The Future Of Music? (Huffington Post)
* Bjork: Biophilia – review (The Guardian)

Two of the ten album tracks are freely available as YouTube videos: Crystalline and Moon.

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