Video killed the radio station?

So how many of you know that I have an online radio station that plays nothing but science and math songs? And of those of you who knew that, how many actually listen to it?

Yeah, I thought so. Given the nearly imperceptible interest in the station, I’m thinking that I should shut it down.

Back in 2004, I was very excited to create this one-of-a-kind station and happy to pay a monthly fee to keep it going. Since then, the fee has gone up (to about $45 per month) and my time to administer it has gone down. I’m embarrassed to say how long it’s been since I last updated the playlist.

I never quite figured out what I wanted to do with the station. Because it simply plays a random mix of songs, it doesn’t serve a specific educational purpose. It’s more in the category of “items that encourage general awareness of and enthusiasm for science songs.” But at this point, I guess I’d rather bolster that enthusiasm in other ways, such as through the “Ring About Science” project.

If anyone wants to speak up in favor of keeping the radio station alive, please do so now. Otherwise, I’m prepared to pull the plug.

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3 Responses to Video killed the radio station?

  1. Sorry, I am one of the (few) people who have not listened to the radio station. I have trying to get a “science music” program on Columbia MO’s local community supported public radio station (KOPN), but so far they have not created a spot for me.

    • crowther says:

      Jeff, there’s no reason to feel guilty about this. If it isn’t convenient or fun to listen, then that’s the station’s problem, not yours.

  2. Bruce Lewenstein says:

    Greg, I’m sorry to see that you have apparently killed the radio station. I actually used it 3x/week every Spring, as the opening music for my science communication class (playing each day while students wandered into the classroom). I usually teach my course in Spring, and only discovered that the station was gone today when a former student asked me for the link so she could use it as an elementary school science teacher. I’ve referred her to your blog. Thanks for all you do make science music available.


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