Science Song of the Week #50: Ants!

We have Science News to thank for the sci-fi-esque headline “Giant ants once roamed Wyoming.”

The new species, Titanomyrma lubei, is related to giant ants previously found in German fossils. These long-distance relatives bolster the notion that the climate of the time had hot blips that allowed warmth-loving giant insects to spread from continent to continent, [Bruce] Archibald and a U.S.-Canada team propose online May 4 in the Proceedings of the Royal Society B.

Well-preserved fossils, like the one just found, can show many anatomical details. Those of us without direct access to the fossil, though, can always count on YouTube for a musical review of ant anatomy. Since Archibald is based at a Canadian university (Simon Fraser), it’s fitting that the video comes to us from

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  1. Somewhat reminiscent of Tom Lehrer’s Elements song . . .

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